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Originally Posted by PerrinAybara162 View Post
Papercut Massacre is actually a completely separate band. When Atomship recorded their album, their vocalist could not take part because his wife was giving birth at the time. To fill in, the label got Joey Culver to step in (all of the vocals that are heard on "The Crash of '47" are actually Culver's, not the official Atomship vocals).

Papercut Massacre is Culver's newest project, and the record is amazing. And as for AtomshipDown, their official website is their myspace, which has been inactive since Dec. 28th of 2008. Kent has not been in anything since, which is a crying shame.
ya wish he was still w them, i had the pleasure of being his neighbor for a couple of years and got to listen to him play. his talent is unbelievable, i got to sit on his couch and listen to him play. it was right before i moved, like my own concert or something. even though ive moved away from there we are still good friends.
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