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I've been playing for 40+ years after having been inspired by Ringo. I have an older sister who was one of those screaming teenage fans of the Beatles She turned me onto all of the 60's music.I actually remember the original Ed Sullivan performances. I just started a few months ago in a band laying mostly 60's covers. I walked into the local shop "Drums Etc in Lancaster PA about a month ago and fell for a Ludwig Fab-4 kit. They had it marked down new to $499 for the shell kit. Today I walked out with it thanks to my Wife and Daughter as a Father's day present. It doesn't make me any closer being as good as Ringo, but it will inspire me to improve. And I have to learn to play with one less tom now. Kind of funny I'm selling an English kit, a Premier to be more like my British drum hero. Spiney
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