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Default Re: Our lives are so hard!

Originally Posted by jwildman View Post
They are. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Ah, but you see the people who are doing hardest, even if many of them have already lived well past Mali's average lifespan of 37 years (last time I looked). Doctors see suffering and police see crims.

However, as a statistician, I may not be a reliable judge since I'm the kind of person who thinks that if your head's in the oven and your feet are in the freezer then you are doing just fine ...

Love that vid, though. I am one who is in a perpetual state of wonder whenever I fly. I always want the window seat so I can get that amazing panoramic view of the world, see the views and/or watch the clouds; I never tire of their shapes and textures. I hope to never grow up :)
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