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Default Re: Our lives are so hard!

Originally Posted by drummer-ish View Post
we take so much for granted, though I suspect past generations will always have a version of this opinion on the current generations

Father to son : "Sharpened stick!?! boy, back in MY day we killed mammoths with BLUNT sticks - no fancy schmancy points on em. Well, I remember this time before you were born, I was surrounded by 6 bears and all I had was a fern"

so true, so true.

I had a brief moment of this morning with my 3 and 1/2 year old who wanted to watch a certain "kid show" we don't think is educational over his normal "educational" TV show we will let him watch. And all I could think was "when I was a kid, there were NO childrens programming on during this time of day, you should be happy to even have a choice..." But of course, this would have made no sense to him. Which goes back to when I was kid discussing TV with my mother and her explaining to me there was no such thing as a TV when she was a little kid, and at the time, that made no sense to me.
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