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Default Re: Rush: Time Machine Tour

Originally Posted by Wolvie56 View Post
Geeked. July 3rd at Summerfest in Milwaukee. I've seen them all since Moving Pictures in '81'. Lifelong fan. This will be # 13. There isn't a group that matches them for diversity or longevity. Hope this isn't the last one, cause their getting up there in age, although you wouldn't realize this from their shows. Rush rules forever. Yet their still not in the rock n roll hall. What a crock. I think that they probably declined addmission, cause what other reason could there be? The Bee Gee's and Madonna are in there for shits sake.
HA!! Touche', Wolvie56!

Goin' to my 20th...since Signals!

Never saw a bad show in all those shows.

Can't wait for the new album, "Clockwork Angels".

The guys are geniuses...period.
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