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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

How are you Todd?

Say...I really dig your Ayotte snare drums! They are pretty hard to get from where I am at and I guess they are amazing instruments. I've never been able to lay hands on one yet but that's what I can tell from a couple of your performances, e.g. the '96 tour. I read in an interview that you used one (or two different, I can't recall right now) for both the '96 and the '97 tour with Styx and you played the whole kit at one point. These drums sounded amazing and they are very pretty to look at, as well, I find.

I wonder: How come you don't have any pictures online of your Ayotte snare drums? If I look closely, I can point out a blue one and a red 4 by 14 (which you played in '96) in MM as well as on various pics on and your myspace site. Back in '07 they where located in the bottom section of your snare wall, if I'm not mistaken. Are they "Ayotte Pro's" ? Would it be possible if you told us a little bit more about these remarkable instruments, like where and when you got them, what you like about them and maybe where the rest of the kit is today? What made you choose the Ayottes for the "Return.." tour in '96?
It would be cool if you posted some pics too on your website because they are very rare!

Did you make your start in the band with the red one in '95? If you did, it must have a special place in your heart..and on the wall too, I think :) ...if you don't mind me saying so!

It's a dream of mine to own one of those red Ayotte snare drums some time.

As always, thanks, Todd and all the best for Atlanta tonight!

Cheers from Bavaria,

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