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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It's the easy way to add a "contemporary" vibe to the music, I guess. If they have a stage show anything like this then it's easy to see why they'd be popular. It would be good if they used organic-sounding drums with other modern elements ...

Maybe we ought to start a steam punk thread?

Just to retain some relevance (even if not about drumming), here's another toon:

Hilarious cartoons! I think a neat steampunk set would have flat back drums, brass tube hardware, brass stands and some turn-of-the-century-industrial-style numbers painted on each drum in brass, like "9" or "17" Cymbals are already very steampunk in appearance.

I would be so honored if you did a caricature of me. Here are some to consider:

Ironwood kit Tiki kit Openhanders Vids
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