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Default Re: Decisions Decisions

I guess that's all part of the decision I have to make. I often feel like I'm the most solid member of our group. I do most of the booking, make all of the posters, take care of the website, line up production and deal with the money at the end of each night. Part of all that might be the control freak that lurks deep inside of me but no one ever offers to pick up any of that slack.
All the guys in the band are fun to be around but aren't what you would call professional level musicians. They all have their shining moments but each make their fair share of mistakes. The singer forgets lyrics, the bass player misses key changes too often, the rhythm guitarist plays sloppy in general. I'm not trying to bash them because I really like them all but I'm going through this "grass is looking greener over there" phase. I've always said the same thing as you Masheanhed, "I'd rather play with people that may not be the greatest musicians but were great to get along with than super musicians that came with some strange baggage." I'm starting to think a little differently. There are other bands in town getting better paying gigs than us and their drummers are no better than me. The difference is the other players are more solid in those bands. They don't make silly mistakes. Some of these guys are real dicks but they are playing to packed houses all the time.
This Tom guy does sound like a problem child to a certain extent but he has a lot of experience and a drive to get things done. I wonder if I want success a little more than the other guys in the current group. We are all in our 30's and 40's. Maybe I need to talk with them about what I want out of this thing.
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