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Default Re: "Exile On Main Street" Re-Issue

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Seriously Jay, I'm lead to believe there's a hell of a lot more (numerous extra tracks and what-have-you) included on the re-issue. I've had the original CD for years. What's included in the bonus material?.....any and all comments on additional material welcome. In fact the more the merrier.

I'm guessing I need this, yeah?
The ten unreleased tracks...well, two of them are just alternate takes, inferior to the ones chosen for the original album in my opinion. The rest are unreleased for a very excellent reason: they're really not up to much. No big revelations there at all.

The most interesting one is a little instrumental ditty called "Track 5." It sounds like a surf tune almost, sort of like something you'd expect from the Ventures. Very un-Stones-like, but I could imagine hearing it in a Quentin Tarantino film soundtrack!

So nothing much going on with those, unfortunately. As far as needing it goes, if you were around back when the album first came out and you fell in love with it and practically worshiped it as I did then the deluxe package with the book and DVD is definitely something you'll want. Otherwise I guess I'd just go for the far less expensive CD version.

Either way you'll be hearing the Stones in all their dirty-slinky-sloppy-bluesy glory! Everybody who's ever loved rock 'n roll just has to have this music, no two ways about it. And turn it up!
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