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Default Re: "Exile On Main Street" Re-Issue

I saw the "Exile...." doco on t.v. a couple of weeks ago and it was very entertaining - some good editing to mix the old footage with more recent commentary from the band members (and hangers on....).

As far as the recording / mix goes....well, as much as I like the stones I could never say that their recording clarity is that good.... for years they had (probably) the best mobile studio in the business and continually come out with muffled recordings - always made my fingers twitch as I wished I could get my hands on the console....

It's very hard to say which is the best stones album - personally I would vote for either "Satanic Majesties", "Let It Bleed", "Sticky Fingers" or "Goats Head Soup" but they have such a wealth of material up to about 1975 that all deserves mention - after "Its Only Rock and Roll" (for me) they just lost it (unfortunately I add).

Good to hear someone praising Charlie Watts - one of those great players who played "the right thing at the right time" and always seemed like he was doing it easy with far more ability than he showed. :-)
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