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Default Re: "Exile On Main Street" Re-Issue

I've just listened to the reissue of "Exile On Main Street." What Don Was did was take a very weird mix and jack it up, bringing out a lot more noise and weirdness and greatness. For some reason the horns seem to be lower in this mix, which is too bad but it's not a deal killer.

Overall the whole thing is a lot "louder," which makes the thing more powerful, more visceral. All the twistiness, all the grunge and dirt of the thing is thrown right in your face.

In other words, this is just just f*****g great. You should hear the remixed version of "All Down The Line." It's crazy! It's...maniacal! These guys were way into it. The energy's almost insane, totally unhinged rock 'n roll abandon.

Charlies Watts' drums are mixed way too loud, the whole mix is crazy and dense and wrong, wrong, wrong, but somehow it all works. There will never be another record that sounds like this one, baby.

What can I say? This is really dirty rock 'n roll, all over the place jamming inspired rock 'n roll. It's a bloody masterpiece. You look at the Stones now and it's amazing to think that they were once capable of doing something this truly magnificent. Really, it's staggering how deep this thing is. It's just simply amazing.

I was dancing around the house like a damn fool, me at fifty six years old. Look here, you youngsters. If you love rock 'n roll this record, this reissue, will open your eyes. Listen to it and marvel at the magnificence of the real thing.

Other than a few minor disagreements with how the remixing was done I have no problem with saying that this is the definitive version of the greatest rock 'n roll album of all time. Both thumbs way up.
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