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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

i dunno about the ultra high end hat stands but the difference between that cheap crappy one i had and the iron cobra one i have now is outstanding. the old one i didn't think was that bad when i first got it, upgraded the whole set up with new higher end stuff. played the cobra for a while, at first i didn't notice much difference in them, a week ago i set up the cheap crap kit at my house to practice with and after using the iron cobra for the last 4 months then going back to the crappy one i can really see the differences now. i've seen some of the 'ultra adjust' ones and remotes and fancy this and that but i still see a lot of it as gimmicky...

my conclusion, yes there is a difference between low end and high end hats but it can quickly cross that line to gimmicky and useless features just to one up the competition. BUT as soon as they come out with a hat stand with built in beer tap i'll be the first in line....
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