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Default Re: "Exile On Main Street" Re-Issue

Originally Posted by jon e rotten View Post
I've been listening to it for a couple weeks. It's awesome. You won't hear a ton of difference from the original, but some of the backing vocals have been brought up especially on 'tumbling dice'. Some of the unreleased stuff is pretty strong also. I really like the tune 'I'm not signifying' blues song with Mick doing some campy vocals.

Did you get the documentary? Dying to see it.
Yeah, she got the deluxe package, man. I just finished watching the DVD. Damn those guys were good back then. The live footage of them doing "Happy" and "All Down the Line" is just terrific. Charlie's playing his ass off. The Stones at the peak of their game. They were never better before or since. Makes me really glad that I got to see them on that tour. There just wasn't anybody around who could touch them for pure rock 'n roll grit and grease.
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