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Well I'm coming back to language and playing "properly" here: Unlike paintings, music is mostly made by several people simultaneously. So there is no absolute freedom, compromises and decisions have to be made. If you are hired by a blues guitarist, you have to play the "proper" language, which does put you in a box of course. But then I believe you have to put yourself in a certain "box" anyway if you play. You can't just always play everything that comes to mind no matter what. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing, does it?
By the way I don't mean technically correct or always on the spot in a robotic way by being "proper". I just mean fitting the circumstances.
This is the reason why I like to be in different bands or projects at the same time, i.e. a jazz band, and a rock band. So in the rock band I'd try to make my parts fit the riffs, the melodies, the songs, and make it rock. I don't have to be sad for not getting to shred or whatever, because I know I'll be in the jazz band some days later where I can display a whole other side of me. That's a cool thing. And that's a thing Vinnie does very, very classy :).
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