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Yea, I'm not saying I don't think VinColaiuta is brilliant. He has definitely added to the history of the instrument. I just KNOW there is no best in art. Just opinions. I saw Steve Hass last night with Manhattan Transfer. Not at all a forum for displaying originality or technical skill. He did anyway. I was impressed again. After seeing him with John Scofield where he was creative, then again with this group where it was restricted, I got to see what playing in a box is like. I don't know if I could do it. But it seems like if you're going to make money, you have to play in a box sometimes. Still he had some double bass drum work going on. I wonder if Vinnie felt like he was in a box with Faith Hill or Sting. Faith Hill? Rubbish music. Sting is great though. I wonder how I will make a living a sometimes. I'm going to school for music, but I really like drummers that are artists, not so functional in the contemporary world. Even Brian Blade plays rock. I wonder.

If a drummer has to ice their hands, it means the vibration from the stick is injuring them, so they're not using moeller properly or at all. I guess Vinnie doesn't apply this technique. If you use moeller you can play very hard and loud without any impact on your hands.
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