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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts all.

Seems at this early stage that most of the "bells and whistles" I was referring to are pretty much not used, by the few repsondants that own these types of stands.

From most accounts I've read (in other threads and internet reviews) it seems that the option of 2 legs for better pedal placement, is by far the main sell point. From what I can gather, a lot are just using the stands straight out of the box, with factory settings. Internet research has also hinted that a lot of the time, these stands are bought purely to have the footboard match the kick pedals (at least according to some of the Pearl Forum members, who's reviews I stumbled across).

Any other owners of hat stands such as the Pearl Elim, DW9500, Tama Lever Glide and the like, that actually DO make use of different cams, light or heavy feel, long or short chain, or any of the other Gucci features?

I'm finding it all very interesting, how much some will pay for features that pretty much remain unused.
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