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Default Re: High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

One of my favorite hat stands is my old Ludwig Modular. It's at least 18 years old and feels great. solid as a rock, and has great quiet action.

I don't use it much because I NEED a hat stand with 2 legs because I use a left side floor tom and it's perfect placement is of course, in the spot a leg is on a 3 leg stand.
I really like the light weight 2 leg DW stand I have though (think it's the 3000 or 3500 model now). It's simple and feels nice under my foot and that's all that counts--and it doesn't make noise.
No bells and whistles, but they feel great.

The DW 7000 hat stand feels great and is quiet too.

I have a Gibraltar Liquid Drive stand, and I liked it a lot, for quite a while, but when I went to the lighter stand, and got used to the action of a "plain" stand again, I kind of didn't care for the feel of the Gibraltar anymore.
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