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Default High End Hat Stands....Godsend or Gimmick?

I'm currently scouting the drum shops for a new hat stand. I've put my foot to numerous models and have been absolutely astounded at the engineering that goes into the higher end models.....lever glides, interchangeable cams, adjustable footboards, chain length adjustments, powershifters, tilting facilities (the stand, not the hats), the options are seemingly endless and much of it has honestly left me scratching my head.

Now, before I get jumped on to use the search function....this is not another thread asking you "what should I buy?" I'm perfectly capable of deciding that one for myself. But the infinite options available these days does pose the neccessary are half these options for a humble hi hat stand?

I get the fact that interchangeable cams, powershifters, chain/strap/direct drive et al on a kick pedal do indeed allow one to completely tailor a pedal to their own distinct feel, but are the same options on a hat stand as viable? The beater on a kick pedal moves a greater distance and requires more striking power, the most separation I've ever seen between a top and bottom hat is a couple of inches. I have mine set to about an inch.

Given that, do we really need different cams or rolling glides or the ability to lengthen/shorten the chain in order to connect a top and bottom hat by no more than a couple of inches?

Are we just suckers for the marketing gimmickery or the need to have "the best" gear? Or have these many changes actually made your playing life a hell of a lot easier?

Interested in your thoughts and experiences. Please feel free to include what hat stand you use, why you chose it, what 'bells and whistles' it has, why they initially appealed to you and if you've actually found many of these options useful.

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