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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta

By the way, if I may that bold, there is a nice double quote on the "better" topic from the Ginger Baker bashing thread:
Originally Posted by mattsmith
I've talked to a lot of older musicians about this better is all subjective thing, and they just look at me like I'm nuts. One of them told me How do I hire the better drummer when I can't tell what better is?
Originally Posted by Average
LOL. Classic. Sometimes I log on here and wonder if I am living/playing in some alternate universe where there actually IS a difference between a 6 year old drummer after his first lesson and a seasoned player with 33 years of experience. Clearly, reality must be wrong.
Although one must be careful indeed with the word "better" and "best", the guys do make a good point.
Oh, and I'm generally not here to argue, either :).

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