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Originally Posted by DrummingApril View Post
Wow Bob, thank you! I'm not here to argue. Matthias is back pedaling. It's not like I think he's totally off or anything like that. I like the Vinnie article. Matthias if you read that article a bit closer you would not use phrases like 'the best'. Can't you hear what the man is saying? He's your idol, listen to him! lol
What does back pedaling mean?
You mean read the Vinnie-article a bit closer? I'm all with Vinnie of course! The man isn't just a musical genius, he is a very profound thinker as well, I always love to read his thoughts or listen to what he says.
Yes, I never meant to say there is one best drummer. But I stick to my opinion that there are certain parameters to measure how "good" one is. But then the question is good for what as well. Depends on what you want from a musician.
Yeah, one of my idols, I got several :). Steve Jordan and Bill Stewart being two of them too, by the way!
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