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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Haha Larry - you should have made that offer before I picked up the 20" Zil medium! Imagining the conversation ... "Hey Dad, do you know where my old weather thing is? There's a guy in a America who wants to trade it for a cymbal" lol

From memory it all started when I heard people talking about the hottest month or coldest month and I disagreed with their guesses, so I decided to find out for sure. Had I been 30 years younger I would have just Googled it.

For the record, February was the hottest month but these days it's nearly always January. August was the coldest with an ave of about 55F (just under 13C). In the last decade it's been July ... Aug's average would now be would be more like 17-18C! Actually, it's now uncommon for us to have temps as low as 12C at all. Maybe just several days a year.

I remember people having a lot of arguments back in the old days about matters of fact. That's why the Guinness Book of Records was created - to settle arguments of drunks blithering over their Guinnesses. You hardly hear that any more because you can just check it on the net.

Ian, that's an awesome caricature :) Ginger was always such a gnarly looking guy.

PS. No one picked up that the heavy metal art toon referred to Chardonnay but the guy was holding a glass of red. Fixed now ...
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