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Default Re: Memorial Day, The World Over

I'm not super-duper patriotic (at least not blindly so) but I did serve in the Navy for 6 years and had a pretty good time doing it (except that I didn't get to drum much). My wife and I, with our two boys (ages 6 and 4), were driving past a cemetery by our house and were lured in by the bling of all the white crosses and flags. The place was doing a brisk business that day - lots of people everywhere paying their respects. We walked around looking at all the headstones in the rain for over an hour. It was really cool and fascinating to see so many generations and vets, and one can't help but wonder at all the life stories buried there. I'd like to visit the cemetery more often. My grandmother used to tell me stories of being a little girl picnicking at her local cemetery with her family because the grass was so nice. They are fascinating places to visit.
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