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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
On your own free time? OMG that is friggin hilarious. I totally cannot relate ha ha!
I'm afraid to ask if you still have them and, even worse, if you still have a need to do that...
JK Pol, thank you for starting my day with a smile....maximum temperatures every day of the year....priceless!
Haha ... Dad still has it at his place. It seems he was kinda proud that I stuck at it. I was such a weirdo ..... was!

I ask you, what kind of chance does a kid have of being a cool drummer when she religiously watched the weather after the news to record the max temp etc. I'm still a keen weather-watcher. I'm never caught without an umbrella when it rains :)

The other week I went to a statisticians' group meeting at work and we broke up into groups to discuss our backgrounds. I told them about my 11 year old flight of fancy, hoping someone might have related and made me feel less like a weirdo.

They smiled and thought it was totally weird .................................. um, yeah ....
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