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Default Re: What do you drink?

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Bud is an acquired taste, my friend. I suspect it's like vegemite. Anyway, PBR is just one step below Budweiser...
I'll sit down and get trashed on either a Millers or a Coors with you mate (that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge of US brewing though), but I'll leave the Buds to you guys in the Land of the Free.

Let me know if you're ever in Melbourne, Mike and i'll take you on a 'REAL' beer discovery venture. We love the stuff Downunder....the worlds finest brews are proudly displayed in almost every bottle shop......and there's is a bottle shop on almost every corner. We could get lost for months on this outing!!

Vegemite......Ha. LMAO!!
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