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Default Re: Long shot but, science of handwriting?

I too spent many years working on the drafting board. I would write very hard on the paper to make sure that the drawing could be reproduced easily.

As a young man I spent too much time doodling, instead of practicing my handwriting. My handwriting never got fluid and clean except later on the drafting board, but that is much slower and not a script. I would rather type then write.

I knew many people that would write with a left handed slant to make their letters look better/ different.

I do not believe there is a way to see a person's personality from their handwriting. However, some people do believe in that and I will not insult those that do.

I also feel that drummers, like other musicians have altered their hands by playing their instruments. Holding the sticks too long and hard does strange things to the hand muscles. I know several drummers, including myself, that can not longer shuffle cards.
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