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Default Re: Long shot but, science of handwriting?

I agree with this, I think thoughts and personality reflect through handwriting styles, just as thoughts reflect through music, writing (not necassarily the handwriting part...unless you include calligraphy) is anyway an expressive artform, a letter or writing a book, the difference is that handwriting style doesn't really show when we type on a forum...

...such an inflexible way to communicate, you may think of the forum...but atleast we can send pictures, sound files and hyperlinks.

...think of analysing one's handwriting for personal traits like analysing speech for prosody (tone, pitch, speed, stress, volume etc.)...

...mostly I write cursive, joint letters, although I have problems with forming letters such as making distinction between "r" and "v" and making sure the joint cluster of "cl" doesn't look like a "d"...

...sure it's cursive but not really working quite well at the moment, because cursive is meant to be flowing, where as for me I often have to go back and erase my notes that look terrible and write them again. Goes against the idea of flowing...although over the past year I made conscious effort to improve its legibility...

...does that show anything?...does it show anything that I mostly write in pencil?...always with an eraser close handwriting has changed a lot from time to time...

...perhaps it shows personal growth, a will to learn?

...take what you will of it, this handwriting thing seems fascinating.
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