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Until I joined a band that covered some ACDC, I never realised how hard it was to play their music well. The Young bros. have a genius for writing three chord rock songs that work because all of the micro elements/riffs/pushes are perfectly integrated into the whole. The songs are deceptively simple, but if you take out one element of an ACDC song it falls apart.

Their bass player, who like Rudd doesn't seem to do much, but in fact does exactly what is required, was once quoted as saying that with ACDC it was all about the song, not the individuals. In my opinion, it is as difficult to play Back in Black well, as I'm a Boy - and I'm a huge Moon fan. If you get the tempo or the pushes in an ACDC song just slightly off, it doesn't work. But when you do get it more or less right, it feels great and you can see the audience getting it. Rudd's not just a timekeeper - he's the pulse.

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