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Default Re: What do you drink?

I drink straight vodka on ice when I'm at home and I'm not driving. I like the mid priced vodkas. I don't like the expensive ones. I like my hard liquor to have some bite. 6 oz's during an evening usually does it for me. (OK, Sometimes 8 to 10 oz's) LOL! I can't lie to you guys, You're my friends!
If I go out, I drink beer. I like most high end beers. I don't drink a lot when I am out. I only have three or four during the evening.
If I am gigging, I drink only one or two beers during the eve. Usually only one.
I drink sports drinks instead. I had a stroke about five years ago and It is hard for me to play if I drink too much. I'm 53 years old.
I kind of like old drums:)
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