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Default Re: What would you pay??

Originally Posted by Vipercussionist View Post
I HAVE donated to drum websites, but as soon as they make it mandatory, I'm outta there. Bart made his a pay for site. I guess my content contribution doesn't pull it.

It's nice that he made such extreme additions to the site (videos, teaching tools etc.), and I know they cost money. But I rarely use them, yet I have to pay for them? Well, I simply don't go there anymore. I really liked Bart's forums, but I can't post so there's no use in going.
While I respect your decision ... and you've made your decision quite clear on several forums (Drummerworld,, etc), I can't agree with your reasoning.

You don't mind donating and you don't want a mandatory payment, and yet I have no record of you ever making a donation to the Drummer Cafe. A one-time donation of $25 (or more) gives you automatic VIP membership. If that's something you don't want to do, or can't afford to do, perhaps you could have contacted me directly to see if there's something I could have done to help you ... either understand my position or possibly find someone to pay on your behalf.

Posting your disgust with me and the Drummer Cafe on other forums, while proclaiming your willingness to make a donation ... and yet never doing so with the Drummer Cafe (at least), makes it sound like you are trying to play the victim. I'm very sorry to see that you've taken this path/course.

The Drummer Cafe's forum has been around since 2001; the site itself, since 1997. I've paid for the operation out of my own pocket for years. I eventually came to the decision to make a change, largely because people simply didn't want to make a donation and/or pay for what they used or benefited from. Loading up on a bunch of advertisers wasn't something I was personally interested in, and with today's economy, simply isn't a solution ... for me.

In order for a community to be healthy and survive, those that benefit and take from the community's resources (even if it's just bandwidth) also need to give back to the community ... or it dies. If it survives, the quantity of people using it may go up, but the quality of people and content go down ... and all at the expense of the one that created it,
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