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Default Re: Reading a good book...

I read a few books at the beginning of the year by Dale Carnegie,
How to Win Friends & Influence People (HTWFIP) and Lincoln The Unknown (LTU). I picked these books up many years ago and just could not get through them. I guess I was just not ready to read them. However, if I did, it may have helped me with all the people problems that bands usually have. HTWFIP is basically a book telling you that if you want to express yourself and you need people to listen to you, do not piss them off. If you do people just do not listen. Now, if you already know that, you’re many steps ahead of me. LTU goes through the life of Abe Lincoln and contrasts Abe’s life of being the ultimate diplomat, to that of his wife, Mary, who was just crazy and never knew how to ask anything of anyone politely. Lately though, I am just reading technical books and not spending much time reading other things.
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