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Default What do you drink?

Ok, so I gig quite a bit these days. A WHOLE lot more that I have in the past. I've begun to notice things about people, both the way they react to music and, because we only preform in establishments that serve booze, the way that the sauce affects that reaction.

...Not only that but I notice the was people drink. I've spent every weekend in a bar since my band started gigging and I notice that certain people drink a certain drink. Those that frequent bars less don't really have this habit but I've begun to wonder WHY they drink what they drink...

My point: WHAT do you order when you when you go out and more importantly WHY?

To begin: I like Miller Light on draft, If they don't have it then I'll go with bud light. I drink those because they're unionized breweries. I used to drink miller with my brother and his friends when he went to college so its long been my favorite. I usually drive, as my girlfriend can't drive my truck but when I want a shot I like Jack. I like jack because I thought it was what the real gritty musicians drink, Slash drank it, I suppose the fancy just stuck. When I'm feeling cheap I get well whiskey.

What about you?
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