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Default Re: Do drummers make good dancers?

I am a good dancer myself. My mom enrolled me into dance lessons when I was 5 and I kept up with it until I started playing drums when I was 12.

Dancing taught me alot of things that really helped me to learn drums like:
my left from my right
how to perform infront of a crowd
basic pulses of different dance styles.
I would also say I learned how to swing from dancing too.

I think it comes out in my playing to this day. I most often get compliments from other musicians that when I am playing people get up and DANCE. I just have a really strong down beat on the 1 & 3 or even 4 on the floor. I also try not to complicate things with fills especially when people are clapping along or dancing to the beat.

I don't dance much these days, but whenever I do it's always funny to turn heads because most people don't expect it from me.
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