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Default Re: Where is the best city for me?

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, the grass is always greener, but there is pretty much barron turf where I am now so work that out! I think the big problem with going to another european city is the language barrier. Most speak english, but it's not like everyone in that region will speak it. Ya, matt seems to be doing fairly well, but again, hes travelling quite a bit.

I thought it might be shot because I have actually heard that the music scene is places like London is very good, but I just don't realy want to move there. The european cities that would spring to mind would be Paris, Vienna?, Zurich, Amsterdam. But then again, I will be around 21 if i move, and I won't want to be going to a sleepy city, would prefer an alive one such as New York or Paris. Anyone know about Paris? I won't ask about New York because that topic has been done to bits!
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