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Default Where is the best city for me?

Quite a " done to death" question, but....
I am thinking of going to college where i live now, but i may do the two year course. After two years you get automatic acceptance to berklee college in boston. But there is a big financial question, and i don't want to take just the plain four course here, because i don't want to stay here for that long! So if i do the 2 year course and don't get a scholarship to berklee, well i can't go, too expensive. So where would be the best place to try and find some roots? Very broad question, i know. I guess the main area would be America, because i don't really like England too much ( if anyone knows any good european cities, shoot!).

I want to be a musician, and would play anything to get the rent paid you know? But i'm taking jojo mayer's advice seriously here, " the only way to make it in this industry today is to follow your passion, don't compramise, if you like jazz, then go for jazz etc". I love jazz and the music, but also REALLY love funky new orleans feel music and hip hop, also don't mind lain, afro stuff. Realy the more adventerous types of music, like it but wouldn't prefer to be playing rock every night. The smart thing would be to join up with a college, but it costs SO much for an outsider to get in! Any help?
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