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Default Re: Best Sticks For Powerful Drumming?

I have tried Alot of sticks. I used 5a's for the longest time...then tired out a few bigger sticks(5b's 2b's) and the Thinner sticks are the way to go!!!!The promark 727 White oaks are the best , strongest sticks i have used. I play eveyday for 2-3 hours and i just got a pair of 727's about 2 weeks ago. They havent even chiped in one spot...and alll other oak/hickory sticks chip after the first rim shot!!! Very Durable!!!!! plus they have a great feel and They are balanced. I also use 7a's for practice...... but i feel like i am playing with pecils when i bring em to the kit. Oh yeah....and AHEADS are Really horrible. The rim shots are not right. They will destroy your cymbals if you dont keep up with the sleeves..they feel weird when u play with em. They leave black plastic debre everywhere. And if you hit em just right....they snap off without Any effort. I can get 5 pairs of Promarks 727 oaks for the same price of the AHEADS... The promarks sound better, Feel better. They are just Better All around sticks. This is not an opinion ...It Is A Fact!!!!!!!!!
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