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Originally Posted by tristanlong View Post

As a huge Moon fan, it was sad to see Keith go from a sharp playing drummer in the mid 60's to a not so sharp almost sloppy drummer by 78, most of this was due to drugs and drink issues.

RIP Moonie
That, and he never practiced when the Who went on break.

And after the 75/76 tour, The Who went on hiatus, Moon moved to Los Angeles, and didn't touch a drum kit for several years. He even made a solo album during this time, but he only sang on it, and hired others to do the drumming.

When the band got back together to record "Who Are You" Keith had to, more or less, re-learn how to play.

Although I recalled reading the John had told Keith to play straight on "905" and to not do anything wild, so as to fit the mood of the song.
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