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Default Re: Musicians' egos

To me it feels like this: As a beginner or intermediate-beginner one starts to realize the things one has learned, and is proud of it. You begin to hear certain things others play, get them, and that makes you feel good.
The better one gets - the deeper one begins to understand the instrument, the history of it, what's already be done with it - the more one realizes how small one is. "I know that I know nothing." That makes you humble.

While I agree with the above posts, I think there's one more point:
As a drummer you spend hours and weeks and years to develop your abilities. You practice your a** off, rehearse, gig, transcribe, play .... , so your sensitivity, your ear, your mechanical abilities, your speed reaction etc etc grow. Depending on the own character and esteem I think some guys can develop quite a high-profile picture of themselves because of the above reasons. Hope you get what I'm trying to write...
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