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I remember being young that when it came to sports I was "all neighborhood." The further in school I went, more "all neighborhood" guys showed up and the pecking order was rearranged. Then I got to college and even sat on the bench some of the time. How dare they?

And now musicians. An acquaince of mine decided he was "all neighborhood" on the guitar so he moved to Hollywood to become a big star. There were guys much better than him playing on the street corner. He was home as soon as his apartment lease was up.

A lot of musicians are great until they leave the "neighborhood" and see the world and get carved up a wee bit. They may be the best in their band, the local band scene, or of all the players they know. But once they meet some real competition they chill a little. Like Larry's guitar player who had some of the wind taken out of his sails by the sax player.
Fragile ego, connected to low esteem, connected to immature attitude. Happens all of the time.
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