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Originally Posted by Tommy Two-Shoes View Post
a lot of the big headed musicians I've met tend to be the types who play at home in their bedrooms, can play their parts very well, but never have a successful band. I don't really get it. I think everyone definitely has a level of ego in their playing, I think it's healthy to know and be able to tell people what you can do (and, just as importantly, what you can't)

Generally though, the musician big egos I've met tend to not have had much experience playing with other musicians. I think doing that enough times really brings people down a notch.
I've noticed the same thing. It kind of makes sense; of course you're going to think you're pretty great, if you've never left your bedroom and played with anybody better than you. Usually these are the kids who spend hours and hours learning Dream Theater songs note-for-note to post on YouTube, but if you ask them to improvise a 12-bar blues they are suddenly at a loss for what to play. They haven't yet learned the distinction between playing your instrument, and playing music.
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