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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd!.
First of all, I'm a huge fan and I think your dvd is simply perfect!.I enjoy watching almost every day and I can't get enough of it!.

I was paying attention to the "Motif solo" and you said it had such a brazilian influence.
Do you enjoy brazilian music + drummers?.We have some great drummers here.

And my main question is, well,is not actually a question,but as you are a experienced drummer,I want to know your opinion on a decision I made in my life.

I have a daytime job (I'm 21,and I hate my job,but I can earn money to buy cymbals + gear,etc) and of course,be a full-time musician is my only dream. I recorded a cd with my band Superstitious (very influenced by Styx by the way) and I do some local gigs and recordings, and I practice everyday (i'm a drummer for 12 years now).

Last week, I had a opportunity to change my life completely. I was asked to be a drum teacher in my city!. I was thrilled and I was preparing myself so much for it.
They said if everything would run ok, I could start the day after!.

But I was disappointed for many reasons. First,the neighborhood near the school was really dangerous,and the school was hard to find. When I got there,I brought some lessons I wrote,some recordings and some other material.
The owner of the school didn't even looked at my stuff. I thought they were going to gimme sheet music to read,or whatever,I was so prepared and they did nothing,just asked me some stupid questions like "Do you read music?". That's it.

And the drum kit they had was falling to pieces,i couldn't even hear myself groovin' on that junk. And to finish,they offered me a realy small payment,that I couldn't even buy 1/4 of my gear.

I declined. I was hoping that this was going to be my chance to do what I love for a living,but unfortunately,it wasn't this time.I'm kinda disappointed.
Do you think I made the right decision?! Have you been through any similar experience?!.

By the way,you drumming really inspire me!.

All the best!.
Let There Be Drumss!!. Dagga-Da Boom Boom!.
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