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Originally Posted by wotg View Post
It`s sad to see how little historical perspective people have. Lars paved the way for generations of drummers.
Indeed. I remember back in the mid 80's when I first discovered Metallica.....long before the Jordisons, Careys, Adlers or (insert any high profile "name") drummers who are currently at the top of their game, were even heard of. Lars and Lombardo were reverred. At least in my circles.

These guys were once considered pioneers. Of course the "new breeds" come along and raise the bar......they always have and they always will. But it'd be a shame to see the names of Carey, Adler and the like, diminished in 20 years time and have to suffer the same fate as poor old Lars. Historically, he was highly influential. A leader and forerunner of modern metal drumming. He was looked up to, aspired to and copied. Credit where it's due. He may not mean much anymore, but there was a time when he was everything to metal-heads.
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