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It`s sad to see how little historical perspective people have. Lars paved the way for generations of drummers. Lars has never claimed to be the best and if i remember correct he has shyed away from clinics cus he`s not confident enough in he`s abilities and feels that it would be stroking he`s own ego too much.
And as for the whole napster thing, many of the forum members again seem to be ignorant of history. The whole thing blew up into a greed issue, when the fact of the matter was that it was a question about artists owning the rights to their own music.
The napster issue just proved that long after metallica was deemed viable. They were still leading the pack.
It is amazing that artists (as i recon many of the forum members are) don`t see the importance of artists owning the rights to their own music.
If you are going to pursue music profesionally; how are you going to support yourself and your family if you can`t make money of your music?
As for Lars abilities the later part of 2000 it seems that age and family life has taking it`s toll on the man. He is a mere shadow of himself with regards to technique and he has been quite stagnant in he`s playing, but so has the rest of metallica.
I still get a kick when i listen to metallica, Lars has (had...) a unique style, almost symphonic in the way he`s drumming followed James guitar and vocals.
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