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The gigs i am referring to pay wayyyyyy less then that and the so called artists I am referring to have millions and generate millions more with merchandising and clothing lines etc etc.

That sickens me. At this stage in the game for me personally. It makes no sense to play with someone for that kind of dough. I went through the thing where I played every and any gig you can imagine. And I agree that you should! To survive as a drummer. But there comes a point where you have to stand up for all musicians. Not take crap from these people and get paid what musicians should be getting paid. But there are too many people with no morals who only care about making the measly money and have no sense of the big picture or the desire to have the sense.

I dont play music I dont like anymore and I dont play with people who promote mediocrity and the most vapid of all values into a system or culture that is already as stupified as it can be. There is no need for that. There are many ways to live and many paradigms.

Teachers and teaching systems doesnt hurt for people to know about drumming at any level. Personally though...I cannot teach something that I dont know what I am talking about in the deepest sense. That is unforgivable to me. Taking someones money and delivering basically ...lies. It happened to me as a student many many times. I hate it.

Finding your own voice as a musician....eventually people hire you because of that. Not because you sound like someone else. ( a perfect world anyway)
Bill Stewart, Ari, Kieth, Cliff Almond, the list goes on...GADD...should I continue? Its your ability as a musician (not only drummer) that allows you to function in an ensemble.

Teaching is imparts the deepest of personal knowledge into a person that has dreams of doing something very special with their lives. A huge responsibility. I cannot understand...why anyone would watch expert village or all these yahooos claiming to teach songoow or sam-bah on youtube. I would be totally ashamed if that was the depth of knowledge I was pushing.

A gig is a gig...but when it affects musicians and the music community as a whole...devalues music and skill in make some record execs more no....not my thing.

I think in general you have to make sacrifices to live this way. if someone has cant afford to think the way i do maybe. if you depend strictly on drumming.

I hope I am covering your points here somehow
Its a very very open discussion and one that can vein off into philosopphy. morals and life choices etc etc
Live to play!
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