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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Oh I was replying to both you and delta drummer. On the pop gigs I said that the salaries reflect where the artist is in their career. A new artist like LGaga cannot afford to pay out what an artist like John Mayer or Sting can. From a musical standpoint I was saying that many of the grooves on a so called rubbish gig like Lady Gaga, are similar to those on a reputable pop gig. If the band sounds great, why not take a gig like that? You're basically playing the same thing behind the drums, to different songs. It's great exposure and you are playing music. There are top musicians on that gig, and honestly even $1500per week which is the lowest end of the spectrum, is more than what most people earn. So I don't believe the money is crap. You're still playing grooves. Something we would all do for free. Personally I dont feel sorry for the guys with that gig, they are making a living playing great grooves. If it fell into my lap, I would take it. I'm sure anyone who wasn't already touring with something steady, would also take it.
On the teaching thing what I said is that teaching and clinics in a way are oxymorons in the world of music. Let's take any style of music. Within the music there are all these grooves we must know. Why? So when we're playing music with a band, there's an understanding when the composer says, this groove is salsa. These title to these grooves exist for the sole purpose of playing ensemble music. But if the goal is to be yourself, then playing an already existing groove, like the kind you teach, would be anti-artistic. Because that is you, not me. Part of the reason we have clones is because of the teaching world. To play the drums there are certain techniques we all learn. But when you start learning someone else's grooves, that's where the cloning begins. So really, if the world is to begin seeing original approaches, teacher's need to stop teaching grooves and begin nurturing student's creativity so they can create their own. DVD's should not have patterns, they should have concepts. And music shouldn't have so many rules. Can you imagine what Keith Carlock would sound like if at North Texas he was taught to play like Ed Soph?
That was my point with that one. I believe it strongly.
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