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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

On the Lady Gaga gig. I can't say I agree. She may be a singer/songwriter turned entertainment spectacle for the worse, but the band I heard on the Grammy's sounded darn good. Rhythm section wise, there's not much difference between that job and let's say playing with John Mayer or any other "respected" pop gig. The grooves in pop are all similar whether you're with the late Michael Jackson, or some new artist. What I have heard about pay scale is that artists such as Lady Gaga who are new cant afford to pay the 7-10 g's weekly that more established artists pay because they have great debt to their record label. I'm pretty sure that any new artist who is the flavor of the year, can't afford to pay more than $2000 weekly. Most pay less than that from what I have been told. It makes sense though. Only successful artists with multiple releases have had the longevity in the music business to be able to pay decent wages. I find it interesting when people have negative words about this type of music. Even the Beatles were considered crap music when they first hit. If drummer's have this attitude about work, what's the point of clinics and lessons? I took lessons hoping to land a gig that could pay my bills. That's really the goal. I believe the only music that sucks is music being played by musicians that suck. Of course music is an art form, and I like hearing drummers with a fresh approach, but if being original and artistic was the only goal, then drum lessons and clinics would be useless. When you take a lesson, you learn the approach of your teacher defeating the purpose of your own voice. I always studied to learn the tools I needed to land a gig.
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