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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Hi everybody, first post here. I can see a lot of great kits and set-ups!

I have a few vintage Tama kits.
First is my Tama Artstar II Limited kit, Bird's Eye Maple in Amber finish:

Second are my Tama Artstar II kits, maple in Piano White finish:


Third is my Granstar II kit, birch in Jet Black finish:

Fourth is my Rockstar-Pro kit, Basswood/Birch in Gloss White finish:

I have two more kits, but I don't have any good pics of them for now. Sorry.

I hope you like my kits

Tama Artstar II Limited
Tama Artstar II
Tama Granstar II
Tama Artstar ES
Tama Rockstar Pro

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