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Default Re: Bass Player-less band?

FWIW - The Doors, as ian was talking about, went through this. very very early on when they were still growing out of Rick & the Ravens they actually had a bass player (Patty Sullivan), they even cut an early demo (go insane, and I think something else)
but it didn't work out
I think they tried a few others (auditions, not performances) but nothing gelled happens and people compensate.

since you have an extra guitar player, they may be able to pick up bass guitar duties (but probably not doublebass, but it doesn't sound like that's part of your deal) on some numbers
Schecter makes a "tic-tac" bass sort of like the old Fender Bass VI -- these are guitars tuned on octave down from a std guitar, but has 6 strings and the scale length is a guitar friendly 30in or so.
They actually have a decently rich sound for their scale and they don't intimidate guitar players
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