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Default Re: Bass Player-less band?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read the

Bass Player-less band? / Does anyone here play or have you played in a band where you had no bass player?

Is the question Are we talking about function or instrument?
"bass" is really a range or musical function - could be a bass guitar, a 'cello, a tuba, a doublebass , tuned drums etc

I don't mean it as just some flippant semantic cleverness, I mean thinking about those aspects can help clarify our thoughts -- like in the keyboard examples, there may not be a separate bass instrument, but that musical function can be supplied by the left hand.
In classical guitar, the harmonic role is often supplied by the thumb.

I'm of the opinion that any set of instrumentation can "work", but we have to keep in mind good orchestration/arranging and the expectations for the sounds -- a band without a vocalist will sound this way, a band without drums will sound that way, a band without dedicated bass will sound yet another way
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