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Default Re: Ronnie Dio dead.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Wow, just waking up to this, this morning. That is indeed a shock. Dio was numero uno of his type & genre. Stargazer is one of my rock vocal moments of all time. I saw dio on the same Rainbow tour as you Polly. One of my very early rock concert experiences. Never to be forgotten.

I'm going to mail our bass player with this news right now. He's a massive Dio fan. We're due to practice tonight, & I really believe our bass player won't make it. He'll be devastated.

Ronnie, you certainly rocked my world. RIP.
My main memories from the front row. This tiny guy up front with huge hair and a huge voice. Ritchie regularly shaking his right right hand - presumably to loosen it up before/after shredding - and Cozy's solo over the 1812 Overture, which of course was my main memory of the gig :)

A friend had given me stuff to put in my ears. I was sitting in front of the RHS of the stage and partway through I thought I'd take out the plug in my left ear to hear how the gig "really sounded". No pain, so I figured I'd just protect the ear facing the speakers. When I went to bed afterwards my left ear was ringing like a fire alarm. I often had ringing ears from attending and playing gigs (back then there was much less awareness) but this was in a league of its own. Rainbow were the loudest band I ever heard.

It makes me wonder how Ronnie's ears were and how he could pitch so well in all that din!
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