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Default Re: Bass Player-less band?

I really hope bass players donít become obsolete Ö

Drums are new to me, but in a band situation ďI amĒ the bass player.

Iím blessed to work with a really great drummer for the last few years who was my inspiration to even take up drums. We know each otherís style and nuances so well that if I hear him hit just one beat different in a groove I can feel exactly where he is going and it works in reverse too, he can follow anything I do. No matter what form of technology one may try to cover the bass part you just canít beat that kind of human groove factor!

We try to stay working as a team much like "Double Trouble" or "Fleetwood Mac" under the name Blackkat Bone ... actually just today we are meeting with new singer and guitar player on a project where we will be the rhythm section.

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